Jason Allred- Home Inspector- Water Mitigation Technician

Hi, I am Jason, your Home Inspector. I am ready to serve you. Allow me to make sure you are knowledgeable about your home before you purchase it. 

No matter where you are in your home experience, I can't wait to meet you and share the journey with you. Here is a little about me!

Service as my guide

  Growing up, I always enjoyed serving others. I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself (the greater good). No matter what I have done in life, I always maintained that ideal. It became my compass and my guide. I want to help home buyers, as well as homeowners, have greater knowledge in their experience. I want to give people a sense of confidence wherever they may be in the home owner's experience.

My background

  I worked in carpentry and flooring and soon became interested in Home Restoration work. I had the privilege of being trained by the finest Home Restoration team located in Grand Junction of Western Colorado. I left a good career after four years in the restoration field to pursue the Home Inspection industry because it was there that I truly found my calling. I bring my knowledge and experience to help you in the buying experience. 


  I am all about establishing a connection with my clients. I want a relationship to exist, in which my clients can call me or text me with questions--anytime. I may not always have answers right away, but my clients know I will do what I can to get the answers. Giving back to the community means that I will add value to those professionals whom I share clients with. I accomplish this by placing my client's needs first, addressing their concerns, and providing honest reports.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you.


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