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360 Degree Photos Included

I provide you with a virtual tour of the house, no charge, and the virtual tour will highlight defects that were found throughout the house. 

I do this purely because I believe that part of providing the best inspection that I can, involves you being able to have reference to what I am finding, it also makes life really easy for contractors. 

Just one more reason for using me is I do professional real estate photography using another company I own called

Emblem™ Real Estate Photography. 

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How it Works

When I finish inspecting the inside of the home, I go through and take 360 degree, full panoramic phots. I then create a virtual tour which will literally allow you to tour the house room to room. Each room will have photos or notes that are taken from the report and placed next to the defect in each photo. This will be a highlight tour, as if you and I were viewing the house together. In your report there will be a link. That link will take you to the home tour. The tour will be shared with anyone you send the report to. I do not share it with anyone else!

Why Don't I Charge Extra For It?

I am not charging extra for it because it accomplishes the second most important factor in a Home Inspection. The #1 factor is for you to have knowledge about the home you are buying, the second factor is the need to create dialogue. If I can point you to an issue, and reference it, then you can feel confident in speaking about those conditions with your realtor. 



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