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We are first time home buyers, so we had a lot of questions and needed a lot of guidance. Jason and his wife were helpful, kind, and professional. They were extremely responsive and communicative. The report we received was thorough and comprehensive. Jason took his time to educate me as he went along and answered all of my questions. Will definitely recommend!

  -Billie B. from Evanston, WY

Jason did an excellent inspection on my house that I moved into. I would recommend him. His report was phenomenal. Very detailed. Great job. Thank you, Jason. 

 - Jeff Koenig from Grand Junction, CO

Jason was on time. He was very thorough. He included not only what was wrong but pointed out some things that were right as well. His report was easy to read and understand.

  -David Young from Evanston, WY



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Home Buyers

We cater to home buyer's needs. Our reports will highlight important issues that we find while providing information about the home. This information will be used to educate you, the home buyer, about your future house.


Because we feel that you should know what you are buying. It is, after all, one of the most important investments of your life. 

You should get an inspection to understand any damages that should be fixed before you buy it.

We will help you identify safety hazards, and point you in the right direction in addressing those issues.

Home Owners

We are committed in providing an education experience for you as a home owner.

It is not always easy to understand what your home needs or what changes have occurred.

We want to provide you with updated information on your home. Whether it be all systems and components, or special areas of concern, we look to find you solutions.

We also look into energy efficiency check-ups, and home safety issues. See our full list of services.

Disaster Management

We have over 10 years of experience in the home industry.  We understand the industries top methods for home disaster response. We know what to look for in home maintenance. It is our privilege to educate home owners on preventative maintenance.

We will introduce you to professionals who can assist you in home repairs, restoration needs, and home maintenance.

 We will also provide you with your  own customized, home emergency plan. This will outline key steps of actions you can take, to minimize damage to your home. If you have to file an insurance claim, this will save you time and give you a peace of mind.




We are a family-owned and operated company with over 10 years of experience in the home industry. We care deeply about those families and individuals who wish to purchase their homes. We also know how important your home is to you and your loved ones. We want to be apart of your amazing journey.

As home inspectors, we want to make sure the home meets a saftey standard. (see InterNACHI Standards of Practice). This means that all components will be inspected by the criteria outlined. 

We will work alongside you, our clients, to find solutions and consult with you about your future home, or the home you own now. 

We hope you will share your journey with us.


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Services & Pricing

Home Inspection

Home Inspection: Pricing Varies based on distance traveled and the size of the home.

Our base price for the Evanston, Wyoming area is $360.00 (2700 SF home)

Home Owners

Home Maintenance Report-

Base Price $125.00


Homeowners will receive an energy efficiency report.

Inspections will include toilet fixtures, water supply lines, crawlspace inspection, attic inspection, and air leak inspections. Heating and Cooling equipment will be inspected for efficiency. 

Home Disaster Emergency Plan-

Base Price $850.00

Have you thought about the possibility of a flood, mold problem, or fire in your home? You have insurance to protect your biggest investment. Do you have a plan? Let us help you!

An inspector will evaluate your home, detect any ongoing issues. The plan will include a list of local contractors who specialize in disaster mitigation, remediation, reconstruction, and installments and their information, an evaluation of preventative maintenance,  and you will also receive a home sketch. The home sketch can be sent to these contractors to make the home service process easier and faster. 

Home Inspection rates vary for homes larger than 2,700 SF, and distances outside Evanston, Wyoming please call us for rates.  

We Make The Home Inspection Process Simple

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**Base pricing may not include mileage and can be subject to change based on home size. 
Please call us to give you a quote or message us below. 

Sewer Pipe/ Drain Line Inspection

Base Price- $150.00   

 If you are buying a home or own your home this is a good idea. We check for roots, leaks, and gaps in your drainage lines, using a camera scope and feed. Ideal for newer built homes, and historical properties.

Homebuyers also have this option during a home inspection. (ask for pricing details)

Radon Testing

Base Price- $160.00

If you suspect radon gas in a crawlspace it is a good idea to have it tested. Radon can be hazardous to your health and to that of your loved ones. Before you buy your home get a test done at least for your own peace of mind.


Homebuyers also have this option during a home inspection. (ask for pricing details)

**Base pricing may not include mileage and can be subject to change based on home size. 
Please call us to give you a quote or message us below. 

Air Duct Inspection

Base Price - $125.00

 Duct inspections are worth your money and your time. If you are in the business of duct cleaning or a homeowner that has paid for one, we can inspect your ducts to make sure the job was done right. 


 Homebuyers also have this option during a home inspection. (ask for pricing details)

Well Inspections

Starting at $150.00

Well inspections are essential to your knowledge and understanding of the property you are buying. If you are buying rural, protect your health and the health of your loved ones by adding on a well inspection.


 Homebuyers also have this option during a home inspection. (ask for pricing details)

**Pricing on well inspections will vary based on type of home loan requirements, the quantity of wells, and the application of the well. Please call us for a quote before you schedule.



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